Hapkido is a true self-defense art

Self-Defense and Hapkido Seminars Hapkido Seminar

USKMAF 7th Dan Certificate
Ki Do Association 7th Dan Certificate

Grand Master New has been instructing in the art of Hapkido, Marital Arts Weapons and providing self-defense training since 1991. He has been the chief instructor at A W New Hapkido Academy since it opened in 1998.

Anthony New is a Master Black Belt in Hapkido and has earned the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt in Hapkido. He is certified through the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation (USKMAF) and through the DaeHan KiDoHwe (Korea KiDo Association).

Hapkido Seminars:

If you are looking to add some excitement to your school and add some variety to your students’ training give us a call. We would love to discuss how we can help to make that possible. Seminars are tailored to your goals and the needs of your students. Call 260-490-2888 regarding seminar availability. Additionally, we can help you develop your school curriculum in Hapkido. Grand Master New has instructional Videos and training manuals available to help take your training to the next level.

Self-Defense Seminars:

If you are looking for some self-defense instruction for your group or activity, we can provide it. Whether you are looking for a 1-hour self-defense introduction course or something a little more in-depth, we can help you out with it. We are experienced in teaching to all age groups including preschool children, elementary children, teens, and adults. Training can be provided at our school or at your location. Each course is tailored to your needs. Give us a call at 260-490-2888 to discuss your self-defense course needs.